Image was trying to find peace among chaos , 

trying to follow my feelings and not get distracted ,

trying to control how other’s feelings affect mine ,

when i realise its impossible for me .

for all kungfu panda lovers xx // know that i want to find inner peace 

{ oh my gosh i am craving a movie date oh so badly sighsighsigh im locked in }

when other’s thoughts are just so loud i cant even hear my own .

and i just cant find my own feelings towards things that happened (( or are happening ))

well distraction is not negative ,

it may be an affection to some others \\

getting distracted stop me from thinking too much , but lets me think even more after an incident .

a tweet . a message . a blogpost . they make a hell of a difference .

like the difference between american potatoes and holland potatoes { american ones are nicer }

they change feelings , change personalities , just like how you spoiled my mood early in the morning .

and whilst calming down i try to find inner peace , and trying to tell myself that i will not shall not and am not affected by whatever you feel and think .

but yet to no avail once again 

Image                           { today i embark once again on my journey to finding serenity }


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